How Gnashers Field Started

Fred Weaver and his wife Mary bought a smallholding, now Portbridge Farm, in 1952, and when Fred died at the age of 51, Martin took over, aged only 14. They got rid of the pigs but kept up the market garden, which he enjoyed with his wife Susan, whom he married in 1994.

After a lifetime of appreciation for man’s best friend, we decided to establish Gnashers Field in 2021, named after our nephew’s dog and available for professional and personal use and doggy birthday parties upon enquiry. Staying safe isn’t always easy though, and that’s why we’ve created the perfect private dog park.

Gnashers Field is ideal for:

  • Exercising their dog off the lead in a secure area
  • Dog training
  • Agility Groups
  • People who can’t walk their dog long distances
  • Reactive dogs
  • Nervous owners
  • Dogs with poor recall
  • Puppies or rescue dogs, where you are unsure how they will behave off the lead
  • Allows owners, dog walkers or trainers to relax by having a private space

Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

We’re all about making sure your furry children have a great time without the worry of them running off or getting into trouble, and because we offer complete private hire, it’s yours for the duration of your visit.  Gnashers Field is committed to providing them with

  • Adventure
  • Fun
  • Exercise
  • Discipline
  • Freedom
  • Safety

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For any queries or if you require directions please call:

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You can also email [email protected]