Gnashers Field

Gnashers Field promises to provide a safe and happy place for dogs of all shapes and sizes to roam free off-lead.

Welcome to Gnashers Field


Dog walkers, dog trainers, agility groups and puppy parents will have exclusive use of our field during their session so they can relax in the knowledge that their dog is safe, secure and able to run free and play without being disturbed. The field is perfect for puppies and rescue dogs, or anyone wishing to train their dog off the leash in an enclosed area.

Established to provide a safe and secure dog walking field

Secure Dog Walking Field

Our exercise field is perfect for energetic or boisterous dogs that just want to run free and have fun, as well as sensitive or nervous dogs who have had bad experiences with other dogs and can no longer socialise safely with others, or dogs who have a poor recall and cannot be let off lead and relied upon to come back.

Great for Agility Groups

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to practise between agility classes, improve for an upcoming competition, enjoy some fun exercise with your dog, or train regularly, we have lots of space in our field for agility equipment, so is ideal for all stages of training and practise.

Obedience Training

Wherever you are in your dog training journey, our field offers the perfect environment for dog trainers and pet parents wishing to take their training up a notch and introduce distraction training.

Introducing distractions into your training can foster greater obedience training in the presence of distraction.

Puppy Play Groups

Our field is great for puppy socialisation to help your puppy adapt to its new life.

  • Be handled by people
  • Interact with unfamiliar people and dogs
  • Cope with scary sounds
  • Interact with man-made objects
  • Have confidence in new environments

Parking on-site

At Gnashers Field we are committed to giving you and your dog a great experience. Our fields are regularly checked for cleanliness, the grass maintained and the fences inspected. With car parking on site, there has never been a better time to visit Run Free.